Endpoint Install and User Credentials


Upon registering for the SOCFortress 30 day free trial, you will receive an email that contains details to access your platform and a command to install the endpoint software onto the endpoint of your choice (not recommended for production servers).

Endpoint Software Installation

Installing the endpoint software is as easy as copying the command line required for your OS (Linux or Windows) and pasting into either a shell (Linux) or Powershell (Windows). Must be ran as root (Linux) or Administrator (Windows). These commands will authenticate with our backend to grab and run the installation scripts.


The SOCFortress endpoint has been tested on the below Linux Distros

  • Centos (7 +)
  • Debian (8 +)
  • FreeBSD (11 +)
  • Amazon Linux
  • Rocky Linux


The SOCFortress endpoint has been tested on the below Window’s Versions

  • Windows Server 2012 and Above

User Credentials

SOCFortress implements OAuth for user access. Once authenticated, your OAuth token will be passed to all SOCFortress applications.


You can quickly get started with the SOCFortress platform within a matter of minutes! What are you waiting for, go start your free trial now!

Need Help?

The functionality discussed in this post, and so much more, are available via the SOCFortress platform. Let SOCFortress help you and your team keep your infrastructure secure.



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