World’s Best FREE SIEM Stack Series Compilation

2 min readJan 7, 2023

Collection of Walkthrough Videos in order to help you build your own SIEM stack using Open Source tools.

Youtube Playlist

PART ONE: Backend Storage — Installation of the Wazuh-Indexer.

PART TWO: Log Ingestion — Installation of Graylog.

PART THREE: Log Analysis — Wazuh Manager Install

PART FOUR: Wazuh Agent Install — Deploy the Wazuh Agent to your endpoints.

PART FIVE: Intelligent SIEM Logging — Take control of your logs with Graylog.

PART SIX: Best Open Source SIEM Dashboards — Visualize your data with Grafana.

PART SEVEN: Firewall Log Collection Made Easy — Easily ingest your Firewall logs into your SIEM stack.

PART EIGHT: Firewall Threat Intel With GreyNoise — Obtain IP Reputation with Graylog and GreyNoise.

PART NINE: Log Normalization — Standardize your SIEM logs with universal field names for easier alerting and dashboard creation.

PART TEN: MISP Threat Intel — Get started with MISP in 10 minutes.

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